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The Household CFO You Can Rely On

A Household CFO provides comprehensive financial management for people who worry that their intense focus on their life’s work might keep them from doing the things that will ensure their financial future. 

What a CFO does for a company

Analyzes the company’s financial position

Creates strategies to promote financial growth

Determines how to fund initiatives

Finds best ROI investment opportunities for the company

Provides cost-benefit analysis for decisions

What we do for your family

Analyze how you can turn your income into wealth

Create strategies to fund your goals and lifestyle

Determine the best way to fund your goals and lifestyle

Invest your savings to get your optimal return 

Advise you on financial decisions and tax implications

I spent 20 years getting my MBA and building my career as a marketing leader in tech. I knew what actions to take to build wealth, but at the end of intense days of work I wanted to spend time on anything but allocating my portfolio, doing my taxes, budgeting, or executing my financial plan. I wanted someone to do the right things for me so I could focus on building my career, being a great parent, and planning/executing the perfect vacation.

– Charlotte

A Household CFO is what I wanted for myself...

What It Looks Like

A Household CFO provides busy mid-career professionals with wealth management tailored to their unique situation, and holistically manages the elements that impact their family’s financial future.

Financial Planning

We develop a financial plan around your goals (retirement, education, asset purchases, etc.) and situation.


We formulate an investing strategy specific to your financial plan and manage your portfolio in line with that. 


We do your individual tax return each year and provide tax planning strategies to legally lower your tax bill. 


We meet in the fall and spring to review portfolio performance, your financial plan, and tax implications and anytime you need advice or analysis to make decisions. 

Northstar is structured to be your ideal partner.

Fee-Only Fiduciary

We act in your best interest, and not just because it’s legally required. Our compensation comes only from our clients, ensuring our advice is unbiased and focused solely on your needs.

Independent & Client-Focused

Our highest responsibility is to serve your best interests. We’re independently owned and answer only to you, not brokers, banks, or insurance companies.

Full Service Financial Management

We provide comprehensive services, including financial planning, investing, and taxes. With Northstar, you have a dedicated team managing the critical aspects of your financial life.

Diverse Expertise

Our team brings a broad and deep range of expertise, allowing us to address your unique financial situation comprehensively. You benefit from our collective knowledge.

We Believe In A Better Way

You have big goals; at Northstar, we have the roadmap to achieve them. We are legally required to act in your best interest and we are singularly focused on understanding and advising you on your unique situation, goals and needs. We are not chasing sales commissions, aren’t trying to sell you insurance, and aren’t beholden to a parent company. Let us help you navigate the complexities of your financial journey with trusted, personalized advice.

Working with traditional advisors

Conflicted interests and low trust.

Hidden fees and sales commissions for products you don’t need.

Generic advice and confusing industry jargon.

Beholden to bankers, brokers, or insurance companies. 

“You’ll need to talk to your tax professional about that”

Working with Northstar

We believe in serving your best interests—and we’re legally obligated to do so.

No hidden fees and no sales tactics.

Transparent advice catered to your unique situation and goals.

Beholden only to you, our client.

We advise you on the tax implications of investing and prepare your annual tax return

Behind every great CFO is a strong team

Charlotte Jones earned an MBA from Harvard University and spent years as a marketing leader for large tech companies like Microsoft and Intuit before becoming a wealth manager. Drawing on her time as a busy working parent and her training in wealth management, equity compensation, and tax, she helps her clients confidently navigate a complex industry to build wealth for their families.


Our team of advisors bring deep knowledge and experience to advise our clients’ on their diverse financial situations. We excel at making the complicated simple and actionable.

What It Costs

You pay one single quarterly fee for this ongoing service, based on the amount of money in your accounts that Northstar manages.

More detail on how our pricing works

Annual Account Value Fee

$500k - $1M – .375%/quarter (1.5% annual)
$1M - $3M – .25%/quarter (1% annual)
$3M - $5M - .1875%/quarter (.75% annual)
$5M - $10 – .125%/quarter (.5% annual)

$10M+ – .0625%/quarter (.25% annual)
Family breakpoints apply

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