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A new way to plan & invest

Get the know-how, unbiased perspective, and transparency you need to manage and grow your hard-earned money.

We know investing can be intimidating.

Here are some of the things that make finding a financial adviser you can trust scary.

Choosing the right adviser

“How do I know if an adviser has my best interest at heart?”

High starting balances

“I want to start investing, but I don’t have enough money for a traditional financial adviser to take me seriously.”

Aggressive sales tactics

“I just need to know how to invest my retirement savings! I don’t want insurance.”

Little experience in investing

“I don't know much about finances or investing. I want someone who will guide me but also teach me.”

Complex & confusing fee structures

“I can't figure out how much it will cost to work with an adviser.”

Finding a true fiduciary

"Every adviser says they're a fiduciary... How do I know if they really are?"

Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard­—or scary.

We want our clients to feel good about the advice and guidance they get from their advisor. Unlike traditional brokerage firms, we are a fiduciary with a legal & ethical duty to act in your best interest. We are fee-only advisers because we believe this is the most transparent way to work with our clients.

Investments & Portfolio Management
Grow your money
with confidence

Our experienced advisers can help you create an investment strategy within your comfort zone and feel confident that you’re getting the best return – no matter your goal.

Financial Planning & Goal Alignment
Achieve short-term
& long-term goals

Whether you’re eying a new home, an out-of-state college, or a dream vacation – we’re here to coach you through it, keep you on track, and make adjustments as life happens.

Small Business &
Build a financially sound business

Find tax-advantaged ways to grow your business or side hustle and keep more of what you earn.

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Northstar is for professionals, families, & entrepreneurs looking for a new way to plan and invest.

As a fiduciary, we have a legal and ethical duty to give you the best advice – even if it doesn’t benefit us. We also believe in providing complete transparency and the education you need to feel good about your financial future. (And your adviser.)

No matter where you are on your financial journey, we can help. 

Getting started with us is simple:


Schedule a free,
no-obligation chat:

Contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with one of our professional advisers.


Tell us about yourself and your goals:

We'll spend some time getting to know you and what your vision of the future looks like.


Work with us to build a plan that's right for you:

Together, we’ll build a practical financial plan with actionable steps to manage and grow your money.

“Building a financial plan and investment strategy is just the beginning. We stay with our clients to coach them on how to turn the plan into reality.”

Kaitlin Jones

Choosing the wrong financial adviser can have many implications:

Overly aggressive investment strategies

Investment strategies that are too conservative to get your optimal return

Unintended tax ramifications

Increased risk and missed opportunities

Paying too much

Stay on Track

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