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Comprehensive Financial Management You Can Trust

Focus on your life and goals—we’ll handle the rest.

Full-Service Financial Management

We provide comprehensive services, including financial planning, investing, and taxes. With Northstar, you have a dedicated team managing the critical aspects of your financial life.  

Fee-Only Fiduciary

We act in your best interest, and not just because it’s legally required. Our compensation comes only from our clients, ensuring our advice is unbiased and focused solely on your needs.

Independent &

 Our highest responsibility is to serve your best interests. We’re independently owned and answer only to you, not brokers, banks, insurance companies, or a corporate “head office”.


Our team brings a broad and deep range of education, experience, and expertise. You can trust that your money is managed by experts with deep knowledge and diverse wisdom.

Your future is safe in our hands. Find financial peace of mind with our trusted, holistic financial management.

Common Problems We Solve

Major Life Transitions

"I’m going through a transition (divorce, spouse’s death, career change, new baby) and need expert financial advice to navigate it."

"I’ve been saving for retirement but don’t know if I’m saving enough or if it’s invested in the best way."

Saving & Investment Strategies

"I received an inheritance and need help deciding what to do with it.”

“I want to pass on my wealth without compromising my kids’ future."

Inheritance & Wealth Transfer

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Financial Goal Funding

"Can I afford to retire early, buy a house, or pay for my children’s education?"

"I know I should be planning for retirement but I don’t know where to start." Or “When can I retire?”

Retirement Planning Uncertainty

"I know what I should be doing to invest my money, but I’m too busy to do it."

Busy Lifestyle

"I have big goals for my life and lifestyle—how do I fund them?"

Big Goals

Why Choose Northstar


Trustworthy & Unbiased Advice

We get it; it’s hard to know who to trust. There are under-qualified professionals and a few bad actors out there using the title of “financial advisor.” Some get commissions to sell you financial products you don’t need. As a fee-only fiduciary, our advice is unbiased, with no hidden agendas. We are solely focused on your needs and financial well-being.


Transparent &

We prioritize transparency and integrity in all our dealings. No commissions, no hidden fees. We offer personalized advice tailored to your unique situation, ensuring you always understand your financial options. We’re your expert teachers and guides, not sales people.


Holistic Approach

From financial planning and investment management to tax, we handle it all  seamlessly, providing you with comprehensive solutions for all your financial needs. We happily coordinate with other experts in areas we don’t cover (like your lawyer) to serve you holistically.

We Believe In A Better Way

You have big goals; at Northstar, we have the roadmap to achieve them. We are legally required to advance your interests instead of our own and we are singularly focused on understanding and advising you on your unique situation, goals and needs. We are not chasing sales commissions, aren’t trying to sell you insurance, and aren’t beholden to a parent company. Let us help you navigate the complexities of your financial journey with trusted, personalized advice.

Working with traditional advisors

Conflicted interests and low trust.

Hidden fees and sales commissions for products you don’t need.

Generic advice and confusing industry jargon.

Beholden to bankers, brokers, or insurance companies. 

“You’ll need to talk to your tax professional about that”

Working with Northstar

We believe in advancing your interests, not our own, and are legally obligated to do so.

No hidden fees and no sales tactics.

Transparent advice catered to your unique situation and goals.

Beholden only to you, our client.

We advise you on the tax implications of investing and prepare your annual tax return

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