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We Do Things Differently By Design

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Diverse Expertise

It takes a team to navigate the financial world and do the job of managing and advising you on the full scope of your financial goals and concerns. We bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that goes far beyond a Google search. Every Northstar client gets the benefit of the full team’s expertise and works with advisors who excel at making the complicated seem simple. Every plan is created or overseen by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, a certification considered the standard of excellence for financial planners. Other degrees and designations earned by our advisory team to gain financial expertise include MBA, CIMA (candidate), Chartered Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and enrolled agent (tax).



Financial opportunities and problems are multi-faceted and require deep knowledge of financial planning, investing, and taxes. Our Certified Financial Planners® and enrolled agents create a financial plan for every client as the first step in our client onboarding process, and we do everything required to keep your portfolio allocated so you earn the best return for the right level of risk. We’ll also be the first to tell you when you should hire a lawyer or other expert and will integrate their work into our approach. We provide a service that covers all of this—and yes, even taxes—with one single fee. 



As fiduciary financial advisors, we operate under a fiduciary standard to put our client's interests first. Not all financial advisors or investment managers are fiduciaries, and many will try to hide that fact by saying that their recommendations are required to be suitable to each client’s needs. Northstar Financial Management, however, was formed as a fiduciary financial advisory firm from the very beginning. We believe that it puts us on “the same side of the table” as our clients. We’ve always operated this way, and we always will. 



As an independent firm, we created the blueprint for the kind of service we wanted to provide to clients based on what’s best for them, and then built a company that could do just that. Since we aren’t affiliated with a larger company, our firm is its own Registered Investment Advisor that is registered directly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Doing this helps us ensure we’re crafting the financial plan and investment portfolio that fits each individual client.

Meet Our Advisors

Kaitlin Jones

Financial Advisor


Mark Mooring

Financial Advisor


Charlotte Jones

Financial Advisor


Sarah Busch

Associate Advisor

This Isn’t Your Dad’s Financial Firm
— But It Was Ours

Dave Jones was a respected CPA in Moscow, ID whose clients kept asking him to provide investment advice in the same unbiased way he gave them tax advice. He built a practice around providing fiduciary, independent wealth management and tax services. He always saw selling commissioned products as a serious conflict of interest and vowed to always act as an independent fiduciary, a commitment we still embrace.

Dave’s wealth management practice flourished, and in 2017 he and his daughter, Kaitlin, started Northstar Financial Management as a Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to providing fiduciary, fee-only financial management services that included tax preparation and planning. Their belief, that having a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ lives made them better advisors, led them to create an independent firm and still guides us today.

Today Northstar is equally owned and led by Kaitlin, Mark, and Charlotte, and each of us is committed to incorporating innovation alongside the values we’ve formed and demonstrated throughout our history. Our backgrounds and areas of expertise are diverse by design—we believe that’s the best way to help our clients navigate an industry that can be broad, complex, and ever-changing. 

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